For the first time ever Aisyah came to my house today to…

SEW! We named it the SEW COOL workshop ^_^ so cool kan?

im waiting for her to upload pics on fb then i shall blog abt it. can’t wait!

(just the other day we went fabric-shopping at IKEA. ok firstly, i love the fabrics at IKEA! secondly, well well well have i been such an awesome influence for u to start being “sew” crafty? no problem babeh ;)

& yes finally, remind me to bring you everytime i wanna go there for the discount.)

anyway, the other day i went to interview Cik Ati from Stitch & Craft Corner at Simei for my school project. i took dressmaking classes from there two years ago during my post-poly days when i was in the “i-shall-take-a-break-and-do-whatever-i-want-before-i-start-work” mood. and then Nadia also went there to learn dressmaking during her school holidays (see? awesome influence haha).

i just *adore* the workshop cum store! it’s filled with many creative knick knacks and beautiful gorgeous fabrics and creations. it’s cosy and colourful. the only thing is that it’s a bit small with more customers coming and more products being added in store.

and of course, there’s the ever-patient teacher, Cik Ati whose passion in all things crafty and sewing is ever so apparent. she is the most patient teacher EVER. seriously. she won’t go scolding u if u take such a long time to pick up the skill and she keeps learning other things craft-related. so she knows embroidery, dressmaking, knitting… & many many others. And she used to be a policewoman! fwah. apart from her, there are 2 other teachers as well, including Auntie Patsy (my dressmaking teacher. also friendly and meticulous).

my ideal career would definitely have to involve creating and making something. at the same time work towards being financially free and not forgetting to always be generous. yup yup.

creating a creative life creatively! :D

P.S: i have a new banner! i keep changing banner & finally will stick to this one. i like the minimalist style so far. “super mini me” also stands for my initials “smm”. & i’m gonna try & end every post with this “stamp”, see how’s my likeness level on it. simplymardy, out!

UPDATE @ 29 April 2010: Weee Alhamdulillah i got a HD (High Distinction) for this project report! Weeee! So happy ^_^



8 responses to “SEW COOL!

  1. Dahlia MdDahim

    That good now u inctc with Cik Ati…..Dia tu kawan cik Dahlia….U boleh dapatkan kain2 dan lain2 sewing kit ngan dia ….kalau malas nak ke Spotlight….baguslah u boleh belajar menjahit dan kursus2 krafttangan ngan dia….

  2. I’ve been to her shop before! Almost signed up for her classes too…hehe

  3. Huda Lee

    Sorry…the post by hadi is supposed to be mine. Haha…got so excited and forgot to log out of my bro’s account. =P

    • simplymardy

      hahahahha thats so funny! coz i was really wondering who is hadi? then i went to ur bro’s blog lol…
      THEN i saw ur 2nd comment by hadi’s sister – you!
      LOL! =P

  4. wda

    mardh! where’s this elna place? i neeeed to learn sewing!

  5. wda

    aaahhhh best!! OKK THANKS!! =D

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