My hero ;)

These recent past few months have taught me how powerful being a stand is, and what it takes to just keep going. to keep standing despite everything else in front of me. even though u fight so hard for the other person coz u care and can see so much for them, but they just don’t see it yet. so u keep fighting. and u keep standing for them no matter what. sometimes i feel like giving up, coz what’s the point??? why stand so hard for something or someone when it’s not even working out?

Love, love keeps a stand going. and because u can see what’s possible for them that they can’t, yet. so u keep standing. even though at times it hurts. a lot. but hey, that’s part of the game. and in this game, u gotta let ur stand be bigger than ur upset.

Like when a fellow brother or sister doesn’t realise there’s a banana peel in front of them and they’re about to walk on it, u point it out to them right?

Nothing beats the ultimate stand, our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w whose stand for humanity, for his ummah, for Islam was greater than anything else in the world. if he had been stopped by his concerns and circumstances and be selfish, we wouldn’t even know of our faith. 

Thank you Rasulullah s.a.w, for you are my role model, my Prophet, my guide, my mentor, forever and always. whenever i’m disempowered, i always think of how you never gave up and continued standing coz u could see what was in it for us that we couldn’t see. and u never gave up despite everything u had to endure. and what i endure is like a tiny dot compared to ur challenges. u were unstoppable. MasyaAllah. my heart is filled with so much love and warmth, and every other beautiful feeling from Allah s.w.t and i am ever so thankful for this beautiful religion. Islam.

And the one who was responsible for that – for spreading the message of Islam and making sure we got it, was you.

I love you so much Rasulullah s.a.w.  

Salam Maulidur Rasul.



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