Journal Cover tutorial

Here’s the tutorial for the Journal Cover/Organiser Sleeve. This is my second sewing tutorial, other than the funky mini pillow.

Things you need:

– Fabric of choice; i’m using purple solid fabric

– Fabric crayon (i love Crayola since i was a kid! hehe) or chalk

– Scissors & Ruler

– Any embellishments of choice; mine is an iron-on purple sequinned butterly (I bought this some time ago coz i find it too pretty to be ignored, but not knowing what to make of it.. finally found a use for it ^_^)

– Interfacing

First measure your organiser’s length & width. Then add 5 cm to the length (this is for your flip). Also add 2 cm to each side for allowance. Cut fabric according to the length and width of your organiser. For mine, I’ve cut 30cm by 22cm.

Next, place the cut fabric on the interfacing. Trace the interfacing with fabric crayon and cut it.

Then, iron on the purple sequineed butterfly on the fabric. When ironing over, cover the butterfly with another fabric to make sure it still stays in good shape.

Fold 5 cm of both sides of the cut fabric.

Then, fold 1 cm of the short side, iron, pin and sew it.

Next fold 1 cm of the long side and iron.

After sewing the short side and folding the long side, it should look like this.

Finally, fold in the flap and sew the long side together with the flap. And you’re done! Now all you have to do is dress your organiser with the sleeve.

Hope this helps!

If you’ve got any questions or would like to personalise your own, please comment on this post thank you! :)


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