Purple Sequinned Butterfly i love~

I made something today! Weeee! I’m so happy coz I haven’t made something for quite some time. The feeling of looking at the finished product that you just created is just awesome.

So what did i make…?

It’s a…

Journal Cover!

Or an organise sleeve. A new one for this year. The original organiser is still the same (it’s black inside) but I decided to change since the pink one was belapuk already. Actually can just take it off and wash it but i wanted a new one! And it’s purple, my favourite colour :D I added a purple iron-on sequinned butterfly and a crocheted brooch (the brooch is not handmade by me. i don’t know how to quilt or crochet..yet ^_^). Finished it off with a silver ribbon which can be tied at the center of the organiser. I love it and am falling in love with it, it’s so pretty (in my eyes, dunno bout u =D)

This was the previous one:

(blogged about it here)

Before any transformation it looked like this when i first bought it 2 years ago:

I’m going to make a tutorial about how to make this very soon so if ure keen to know how and make it urself, stay tuned okie!

Besides that, the ironing board went through a transformation as well…

my iron-board is in normal grey heat fabric, look it even already unsurprisingly has an iron mark on the right…

so i covered it with pink butterflies fabric using the big stapler. now it looks brand new and it’s so pretty. matches my red walls too!



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