My games right now =)

What am i up to these days:

1. the game of education – completing my biz mgmt degree

2. the game of transformation – ilp

3. the game of contribution – Project Nyonyem (smile)

4. the game of recreation!

5. On the other hand, the game of arty crafty is on hold right now. I miss you, my sewing machine! It’s sitting on my room just calling out to me. I’ve not been doing much crafting these days but i feel motivated every time i read crafty blogs like pink penguin and ohfransson! Very soon, Singer! (Yea it doesn’t really have a name except that. Perhaps I should start naming it so I will become attached to it and utilise it more often huh?)

Nyonyem Always people! :D

out to play many many fun games in life,


me :)

P.S: Project Nyonyem’s website is up! Visit


2 responses to “My games right now =)

  1. @isyah

    Mar, which remind me, Im really keen to learn sewing from you. We should just have indoor hang out at ur place some day and just sew our life away… How?

    nyonyem always darling..

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