Run, Sisters, Run!

Empowered Muslim Women Run 2010

Nearly there! I love this photo for its beautiful view and greenery. Check out the reflection of us on the surface of the river. Go go go!

 030110. Macritchie Reservoir. Team Semangat.

Only 2 rules when it comes to running as a team:



And that’s it. ;)


6 responses to “Run, Sisters, Run!

  1. ittosjournal

    tbarakallah, you look so lovely!!! good luck for the run, inchaallah!

  2. @isyah

    hehe.. love love

  3. I heard about this run, looks like it was a great day!

    Just wanted to let you know that I have a giveaway on my blog right now to win a free pashmina gift set:

    • simplymardy

      yeah it was alhamdulillah :) the first Muslim women run in Singapore :D it would be awesome to have it more often. anyway oh i took a look there, they are gorgeous the diamante on the black shawls! so pretty.

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