I want to share a story from Osman Nuri Topbas’s “The Secret in the Love for God”. I love this story as it reminds me to love human beings as how they are regardless of what they do.

One of the Companions of the Prophet, Abu Darda, was appointed as a judge in Damascus. Because of his post, he had come across many criminals. One day he pronounced judgement concerning a criminal and the case was concluded. However, he heard those who were present cursing the guilty man. Upon hearing this Abu Darda asked those who were cursing:

“What would you do if you saw a man who fell into a deep well?”

They answered, “We would send down a rope to save him.”

“In that case why don’t you strive to save this man who fell into a pit of sin?”

They were surprised by this statement and asked, “Don’t you hate this sinner?”

Abu Darda gave this wise response, “I am not the enemy of his personality but of his sin.”

Love is really about accepting everything about people, the good, the bad, and loving them anyway. We are all made from the same Creator, and when we love people we love Allah too, so what’s there to hate about loving Him?


2 responses to “Love..Mahabbah.

  1. Huda Lee

    I am also currently reading this book. His books are simple and lovely masya’allah. Thanks for sharing mardhiah;)

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