Return of The Mardhiah..with specs!

Presenting u.. *jeng jeng jeng* the Return of The Mardhiah with Specs! (step “The Return of The Jedi”)

which one do thy love – specs or no specs?

The decision to wear specs is not on any doctor’s orders, but a personal choice. & i changed my specs, it’s black outside & lime green inside (tho u can’t really see it here) and i love it, the new speckys. thinking of wearing contacts on an occasional basis (like wedding day for example – hurhur =p)

one fine day in the beg. of 2010 my sis & me painted our room red & pink!

& that purple thing is a bandanna i made to wear with my favourite yellow shawl from Makkah. i loveee how colourful that shawlie is. thinking of making more bandannas like that – goes well with the many beautiful shawls (can become a collection already!) i have at home. those kind of bandannas prevent the face from looking round when the shawl jilbab is worn just like that, plus it’s not as long as the normal tudung so i like it coz its very convenient & easy to use.

Btw, I bumped into my Umrahmate at CGH today while accompanying my atuk to his medical check-up. She brought both her teenage granddaughter along with her granddaughter’s friend, both teens with special needs, to perform Umrah together. What makes me truly admire her is her commitment to bring both of them to the sacred lands of Allah, despite challenges. I feel blessed that Allah let me cross paths with such beautiful human beings like her. It just goes to show that there is so much love in the world :)


2 responses to “Return of The Mardhiah..with specs!

  1. Huda Lee

    With or without specs, I still loike~ Haha…

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