Project Nyonyem Flea Market @ Lam Soon CC

Project Nyonyem had a flea market at Lam Soon CC last Saturday for our fundraising efforts. I only joined the rest of the Nyonyemers Bro Firdaus, Haidhar and Sis Teeya at around 3+ . Alhamdulillah the flea market went smoothly :D

Besides manning the booth, I had fun eating – there were many sellers selling good food including tiramisu & fruit tarts! Here are snippets of how it went over the weekend;

Will u just look at the Cambodian kids? Aww man. I miss them already. They are the ones you’ll be contributing to by supporting Project Nyonyem.

Firdaus at the booth; Our products include the popular travel prayer mats, gorgeous pashmina shawls, chocolate chip cookies, inspirational bookmarks, cute brooches and mini prayer rugs.

Pretty cute brooches for ur jilbabs, or u can just purchase it and give it to ur loved ones as a gift. Don’t forget the unique mini bookmarks featuring inspirational verses from the Quran & Hadith, perfect daily reminders as u flip open ur book!

Almost all of these were gone by the end of the day! Hooray! Alhamdulillah! That’s coz they are really delectably delicious! The kuih tart practically melts in your mouth and the choc chip are so chocolatey I kept digging in the sample bottle for seconds (really im not just marketing, order them & u will LOVE it).

Salivating already? Well here’s how u can order those delectables:


Nyonyem Always, mardhiah :)


2 responses to “Project Nyonyem Flea Market @ Lam Soon CC

  1. seekinghuda

    Hope all goes well with great intentions!!! Ameen!

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