I love Art Attack

Ok I have something to declare:

I want to host a show like ART ATTACK! (my childhood days were spent watching this amazing show. i think that was when I started to love making things. every time it was aired i would be practically glued to the telly watching this guy make stuff out of nothing & everything.)

I also want to design muslimah sportswear or source muslimah sportswear from all over the world or ask nike or adidas to start designing muslimah sportswear.


8 responses to “I love Art Attack

  1. ilovebeeswarzone

    art attack was supose for chidren and adult where the one to appreciate it like me too,keep designing thank you.

  2. mdhilwan

    lol! i love that show too! :)

  3. yiling

    hi mardiah! i love watching art attack as well (:
    work towards your dreams!

  4. siti_m

    me tooo~ especially the BIG art attack! hehs. now no more huhu.

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