Cable car ride in Genting going back to Awana from The Plaza. Look at the fog! Awesomeness.

In 2009 I travelled to KL by air, hence my first plane ride. I felt EXCITED! My first plane ride ever!

Then in June, I was off to Madinah & Makkah to perform my first umrah. Alhamdulillah, no words can describe in detail how it is like to be there. Tranquility & peace, that’s what I felt most of the time being there. Before that I was actually quite unprepared on what to expect, I didn’t read much coz I was “busy” (using schoolwork as my excuse). One thing I knew for sure was that for my mum & me, it was like a calling. It started with my mum’s “nak pergi umrah this year?” & after thinking for a split second I answered, “bolehlah” and then it did not really sink in until nearing the departure dates. Culture shock was what I felt when I first reached Jeddah airport. Wow. So many things I don’t know, so much to discover.

So off to another discovery I went in November.. to Cambodia for a recce for Project Nyonyem (Project Smile). I’ve never been to a country more laidback than Cambodia (okay I haven’t travelled around the world in 80 days to many countries but I am acknowledging my first time excitement!). One of the things that I remember & will always remember will be when our rented Pajero had to stop to give way to cows crossing. Call me a city girl but I’ve never experienced that in my entire life so as expected I was very jakon! I also have a new appreciation for eating rice coz to see the rice being harvested manually by the Cambodian men in vast paddy fields made me *gulp* thinking of how much I waste food & take it for granted. Anyways, will be back there in July this year with a bunch of Nyonyemers. :)

Last, a family holiday to Genting & KL. I miss the coldness of Genting already. This time I got to ride in the theme park! So I am one happy girl ^_^

4 plane rides in 2009 from zero before that. I asked for 1 but Allah gave me 3 more. That is such a blessing. When you run out of love or suddenly struck by feeling blue, look at the things around you that might not seem so significant to you. Chances are, you might have overlooked signs of love and blessings. So do. Look. Deep.

Travelling in 2010? We shall see. :D


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