purple harmony

Thanks to Aisyah, that purple carebear (it’s Harmony btw, and i’m adamant that its a “she”) has been my favourite item these days. I’ve even been *gasp!* sleeping with it. What to do, it’s so cute & adorable! And it’s purple! I hinted jokingly at syah months back to get me this for my birthday and she really did. How awesome. Don’t worry syah, it’s worth ur money for how much time i’ve been spending with it i love it now.

And it’s not even real. Can you believe im like this at 22???

Ah well. Who cares? They say there’s always a child in you! =D

And thank you ladies for a mini-birthday celebration meetup for the December babies. December babies rock! (of course.)

Anyway, i don’t like a dusty blog. I’m aware of how much (or how less) i haven’t been updating my blog but i have honestly been lazy. Having said that, i’m going to blog regularly now coz i like having a space for self-expression but in my laziness i’ve forgotten why i love to blog. journaling makes me happy. i also have a promise. to be authentic & lose any inauthenticness. 

I’ll be going to Genting & KL for an end-yr holiday & then semester 5 will start on the 2nd week of January. I’m so excited! Hope the weather at Genting is not so foggy so i can get to play in the outdoor theme park. The last time i went (after 13 years) the theme park had to be closed due to the heavy fog. So upset for a while :( 13 years is not very short in my 22 years. eventually we settled for the indoor one but hey, it was awesome nonetheless.

And i made these for the people i love (and one for me too-kind of like my own birthday present for me).


I hope they love it as much as i do :D happy holidays & happy 1st week of Muharram 1431H.


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