22 on 1st Muharram 1431H


one of my birthday doa’s is for me to get another opportunity to step into the sacred lands of Allah s.w.t again insyaAllah. people always say that once u go, u will always want to go again and i never understood that until i experienced it myself. so i’m committed to make it happen insyaAllah.

another thing is to continue rockclimbing. especially bouldering, i really miss it. up to date, the only time i actually exercise is when i participate in a run or occassional pilates with my sis. other than that, i zonk off. seriously. i look active but actually im not 70% of the time. adding on to this, i am promising to take responsibility of my health & the food i eat. recently i went to a health check & discovered that even though im skinny but actually not very healthy. so say AYE! to I LOVE MY BODY! the concept is very simple actually. even though my body is mine, it does not belong to me. so love my body = love Allah = more healthy food, less junk, sleep by 11 – 12 so that the body can detoxify properly.

So HAJJ & HEALTH are 2 of my doas this 1st Muharram. insyaAllah i will be able to accomplish them, with Allah’s grace & blessings :)


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