turqoise & hearts <3

greenpurple small
my first crafty project for the school holidays (a break from baking meringues hihi, plus i have assignment deadlines from my postponed module so i got some schoolwork to do despite no more lectures). both the turqoise hearts and purple fabric is from Spotlight (bought them during the opening sale hee!). the handle is a change from the wooden or plastic handle, i decided to try something different and braided three gold strings into one. the bag measures 15 by 18 inches (big enough to fill an A4 paper but not suitable to put too much heavy stuff in it – one or two books are okay). it’s a bigger version of the butterfly bag. another thing is that the bag is reversible, so it’s a 2-in-1 deal. love it :D

craft projects for myself aside, i do have plans to make and sell them as a business insyaAllah (it’s time to start the ball rolling already…it’s now or never baby) so stay tuned yup ^_^

and if you do have any suggestions or comments (about the bag, sewing, crafting etc) please dun shy shy to click the comment button & shoot!

P.S: btw the recce trip to Cambodia (Battambang & Siem Reap) was awesome Alhamdulillah. lots of eye-opening experiences & i just love exploring another part of Allah’s world. :)


2 responses to “turqoise & hearts <3

  1. ruqayyah

    salam! yes, im sure u will make quite good money from these beautiful work insyaAllah :D

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