baking meringue

one of the things i’ve managed to do post-exams is to bake!

let me show you my delicious cookies…presenting meringue with dark chocolate slices


this is my first time actually. i had to ask my sis to teach me coz she’s such a pro at baking this and turns out that it’s really simple to make. alhamdulillah it turned out good for a first timer like me! :D

another reason why i’m baking is that the cookies are part of YEP@SAFF fundraising for our service learning trip to Battambang, Cambodia next year in 2010. so the team will be selling cookies (Meringue & Chocolate Chip) as part of the fundraising, plus we’ll also be having stalls at flea markets selling handcrafted goodies.

speaking of which, the recce will be this saturday! some of us in the team (including excited blogger & owner of this wordpress) will be flying off to Cambodia for a 3D2N recce. i’m really excited! i’ve never been to Cambodia before so i’m totally looking forward to this trip. tho personally for me, its also considered like a post-exam out of singapore short getaway.

off to do some packing now, love mardhiah <3


4 responses to “baking meringue

  1. mdhilwan

    have a safe trip :)

  2. Jam

    teach me! those look really yummy!!! :)

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