the road to Jannah doesn’t involve you alone

everything is nothing so nothing is everything.

and nothing is absolute so the only Absolute being is Allah s.w.t.

hence this world that we live in is a space to do anything.

a space to do as many good deeds as possible coz we are going to leave this world anyway.

so why do we still live as though we have all the time in the world & procrastinate our good deeds till… “later”?

why do we hold back saying “I love you” to our parents because of our egos & pride?

why do we hold back saying some things because we “don’t want to look bad”?

why do we hold grudges because we feel we are right and they are wrong?

why do we hold back from reminding others to do good deeds because “it’s not my problem”?

why do we hold back from correcting others when we see a wrongdoing because “i’m scared it will hurt their feelings” or “i don’t know what to say”? 

why do we avoid some people because “i don’t think i can click with them”?

why do we look at people who are correcting us, in a different way when they are just trying to lead you to the way to Paradise?

why do we judge people for their actions when only Allah s.w.t has the right to judge his human beings?  

why are we so full of yabuts (“ya, but…”) when we want to a good deed (eg forgiving others & completely putting their wrongdoing in the past)?

we say we love Allah and will do anything for Islam but why do we still put our self-interests before Him?


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