Selamat Hali Laye! 2009

i feel like i can finally breathe properly now that my assignments are over. *breathes out*

anyway yey for beautiful photos! taken from my lavender lumix.


i do this every morning of every 1st Syawal. lookout the window to this beautiful view accompanied with the takbir in the background. such beautiful moments of ‘Eid morning & such blessing to have a house with a magnificent view.


my brother had to work on the first day of Syawal (he was all grumpy about it the night before LOL) so he finally got to join us last saturday. yey for family portraits :D


the siblings. you know sometimes they irritate me to bits but i just cannot imagine life without them.


yati my younger cousin is so tall. and she’s wearing high heels. i so should have worn mine. i look so tiny standing next to her. & this year kite sepasang ngan atuk la! my tok amat likes to say “thank you!” everytime we do something for him. so cute, even with whatever little english he knows.


some people say nurul & me look alike. apparently we have the typical “orang banjar” look. but she, like yati, is so much taller than me. even my heels can’t compensate the height differences. LOL. oh & i love nabilah’s blue lace baju! so pretty & dreamy.


before the guests arrive… my sis & me. & with nani who is so adorable and manja.

bunga api

& of course, raya doesn’t feel complete without the bunga api! :D

on another note, i miss Madinah & Makkah. i was watching the last few nights terawih and seeing Masjidil Haram extremely packed sampai kat luar masjid kat bukit2 pun orang solat terawih made me miss the mosque so much. WOW. during the time that i went, it was packed but tak sampai ke luar.. insyaAllah kalau ade chance i’d like to experience Ramadhan in the sacred lands. insyaAllah, insyaAllah…


6 responses to “Selamat Hali Laye! 2009

  1. @isyah

    u look GORGEOUS! Selamat Hari Raya… =)

  2. oh ur orang banjar eh? me also leh … *hihi* :) i second that – u look GORGEOUS! :))))

    • simplymardy

      Syawal is the month after Ramadhan which is the fasting month. Now, in the Islamic Calendar, it is the month of Syawal. So you are actually “in” Syawal! :)

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