happy picture ^_^


something about this photo collage makes me happy sha la la and all smiles. thanks wanee and happy 23rd birthday fiza! :D

6th sept 09 @ fika swedish cafe


4 responses to “happy picture ^_^

  1. Wanee

    Most welcome! Yea, i love this happy picture too. im now crazy about white frame photo collages…

    one of my fave: http://www.twolia.com/blogs/designlovely/2009/09/04/weeks-best-august-30th-september-4th/

    sth about this layout just makes your heart flutters and i dont know why either. but im glad it had the same butterfly effect on you.

    By the way, HELLO MARDY!!! :)

  2. bb Syukri's aunt

    Thank you, Mardh :) i think ur pose deserved that centre shot – so unique!

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