kisah lipas mati kena spray

one of the things about Ramadhan & Syawal is that my household goes through a very thorough springcleaning.

and when i say thorough, i mean reallllllyyyyy, completely thorough. kalau tak pasal raye tak kemas rumah macam gini. seriously.

for example my brother got really semangat with the insecticide and many cockroaches and their families were killed as a result. (alhamdulillah. they were breeding like crazy. very the geli-gelumang! once a flying cockroach landed on my shoulder. i screamed and immediately ran out of the kitchen *shudders*)

another example was the cleaning of my sofa. i was opening the pillowcases and was shocked to find many silverfishes inside alive and kicking. and it’s not just one, it seemed like the whole family was there.

my mother killed them with the insecticide.

anyway yeah at first i was like, “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

hai silverfish, kau tinggal kat sofa aku all this while rupenye?

u know when we humans haven’t met for a long time and we ask each other, “eh kau tgh buat ape? tinggal kat mane sekarang..?”

kalau silverfish die answer, “oh aku tinggal kat sofa si pulan bin si pulan… comfortable sangat.. lagi2 die tak selalu kemas rumah. lagi best la aku. banyak habuk lagi. best seh! hari2 aku buat dust spa (u know like mud spa)..”

but after that you know what struck me?

there is life in every corner of the Earth.

kat sofa pun ade makhluk Allah jugak. it is such an unlikely place for a living thing! but it’s there, living life in my sofa.

at about the most unlikeliest place ever that u think nothing can ever survive living there, there is a living thing. (an example would be a scene in Pirates of The Caribbean where kooky giler2 Captain Jack Sparrow wakes up in a piece of barren land only to be surrounded by hundreds of crabs, remember that scene? oh i just loveee johnny depp’s acting)

just when ure feeling down and blue, look at the plant in front of you. it’s living. it’s growing. the plant needs chlorophyll as much as we need food. every minute is new. one minute it’s green, the other minute it’s brown as it withers when it reaches its ajal.

(btw “ajal” means “term”. so when people say “dah sampai ajal dia…” it means ur term on earth is up. its just like a contract, except u don’t know ur end date)

just when u think u are dying inside and that enough is enough, think of all the life around you. and i’m not just talking about people.

P.S: i’ve already sent my sofa cover to laundry & dryclean so rest assured that you’ll be sitting on clean (and silverfish-free) couches when you come to my house this Syawal. :D


7 responses to “kisah lipas mati kena spray

    • simplymardy

      u remember when u mentioned u were scared if that dustbin at chinese garden got lizards and i screamed?

      i screamed worse when the cockroach landed on me. hahaha… *still shudders when i think abt it*

  1. atifah

    o m g!

    mardy, i swear if i were you, i wouldnt have given it a second thought. the pillows + pillowcases go straight to the rubbish chute!

  2. boo

    hahaha.. u gave me shivers reading your post. i’m okay with all kinds of insect…………. EXCEPT roaches. ugh!

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