bus nombor 22

..is the bus i used to take to nyp daily back then. today i boarded the bus for another adventure. =p

since it was the last day before Ramadhan, wanis & me went to run at nyp stadium today (actually we can *still* run during fasting month, but u know, excuses… nanti penat la ni la tu la =p excuses stink like armpits). anyway nyp wasn’t the original venue, planned to run somewhere else actually but *something* happened along the way *looks at Ms. NAAM* so we thought why not since it’s been 2 years since we’ve stepped into nyp…

now ive heard of the changes in nyp but when we stepped into the building and saw Gloria Jeans Coffee, needless to say we were BOTH SUPER EXCITED. “ehhh ade gloria jeans coffee! wah! best seh!” macam budak-budak!

but since there was the visitor temp scanner, we had to fill in the visitor declaration forms and go thru the temp scanner inside the auditorium where students have to scan their card and take a sticker. i just walked pass and took the sticker and the lady went, “u never scan ur card? student card..”

“oh, umm we r ex-nypians just wanna run at the stadium”

“ooo ok ok, then u need to fill in the form…” 

i wonder what would have happened if i scanned my old card. beep coz it’s over-expired?

ran some rounds at the stadium and wash up – during adc days we used to climb n after that we girls would seriously race to “chop” the best shower at the bathroom opposite swimming pool (the best shower is still the 1st, 2nd & last cubicle even after 2 years haha) saw the swimming pool where we used to play water polo – yes dengan tudung2 semua. semangat seh. haha those were the days la ok. n if not for that we would never have gotten the chance to get into the pool actually so tit-for-tat.

explored the building after that. passed by the dome. ahh the dome. i went to Bandzout 2006 with my classmates to watch their friend’s friends band perform whose friend became my friend and so on. heh.

then explore some more. no more “Abang Jambul” at north canteen – i miss the jemput2, and the fruit stall was closed – the uncle always like to recommend the best juices – and i always like to go for my fave carrot orange. ate at macd coz we miss the student price there =p checked out south canteen – more like checked out if the makcik cute mood swing is there or not – then we went to check out adc noticeboard;

“eh nak check adc nye noticeboard yg dulu ade muke kite tu?”

*terus both muke excited and squealing “NAK!”

haha merepek seh. macam lah famous apenye. like small children at toys r us! then we passed by TFA where we both had a very short stint in MCG where we acted in a hari raya production – what was our roles i hear u ask?

2 MAKCIK KPOs who like to gossip about some neighbour’s daughter who was pregnant “shotgun”! we are supposedly the best friends of the main character, a mum whose children had neglected their responsibilities. i still remember snippets of our scripts;

me (makcik kpo #1): kau tau, anak si xxx tu bunting dot dot dot…?

wanis (makcik kpo #2): hah? betul? bunting? ish ish ish…”

we had to don make-up that was 5 times our age coz we were supposedly makciks in their 50s. imagine being in the same dressing room as the tarian girls and looking at their make-up and looking at our sad old lady make-up (complete with wrinkle lines at the forehead!) with our vintage kebaya (the setting was the ol’ skool kampung in the 40s).

HAHA DON’T LAUGH OK – which i know u will – hari raya mintak maaf ok!

it was nice to have a feel of being in a play. but i just cannot tahan the hours and hours of rehearsal repeating the scenes just to get it perfect. so tiring & repetitive. guess it’s just not my cup of tea.

walk some more. passed by musollahs in all the blocks – reminded me of musollah spring cleaning with nypms back then & our usrahs and meetings at SA office trying to convince the SA officer to get nypms established & to get our own noticeboard. first nypms iftar i help planned was at Masjid Muttaqin – and that was somehow the start of my community involvement. 

one thing for sure that we felt was the age gap. altho only a few years has passed since then and now, it feels very different to be there and looking at the students eating at macd hanging out carefreely.. seems like those years have passed for us.

i passed by the empty state of land that used to be the temporary amk bus interchange which holds many memories of yesterday. and i smiled. thinking of how yesterday has shaped me today.

today is a reflection of the past and tomorrow is what you do today. so live life today. =)


8 responses to “bus nombor 22

  1. This entry came in time. I was just reminiscing about my days in nyp and how hard the transit to adulthood feels like.

    • simplymardy

      yeah at first it’s very challenging, and it gets more challenging instead of easier, but the good thing is that you learn how to handle it, more so with Allah’s grace insyaAllah =)

  2. @isyah

    Ohhh i saw my initial.. look at *MS SMM*

  3. @isyah

    ohh btw.. i feel so old aldi. How i wish I could relive the moment starting with “hrmm can I borrow your pen ..?” days…

    *love you babe!* I promise i will make it up to you some time.. promise.


    • simplymardy

      hahaha! syah that’s like THE CLASSIC LINE OF OUR FRIENDSHIP SEH.

      nah it’s not abt making it up to me, coz its not at all. & no, im not mad if thats what u think. :)

      coz this time is gonna be during the day so lain environment. takut u takle tahan sbb the heat’s gonna be unsympathetic. so must get used to it & not be lazy. fighting!

      love u too =)

  4. @isyah

    hahah.. love ya many2…

  5. haidar

    thanks for the nyp update. i miss the school though. too many good memories down there. =)

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