my driving progress

…is not going anywhere uphill actually. i’ve recently failed my final theory test (once again, boo). one thing ive discovered is that i learn to pass and not to drive. of course i want to drive but the desire to “pass” exceeded the desire to drive. which is why i failed. learning coz u wanna drive and learning just to pass is 2 different things and it makes a huge difference in your learning attitude. 

so at the moment i’ve decided to postpone my driving pursuits and transform my driving attitude first and be mentally ready for the whole process instead of booking another FTT and then learn it and then.. u know what happens after that.

i may take slower than other people but alas, i’m not going to be demoralised bcoz i am dynamite!

anyway what’s there to worry when most of my lovely family & friends can drive me around? (totally did not mean that in an offensive way. it’s meant to be a compliment, however you see it) :D

ahh and since its not gonna be anytime soon that i can go buy my own car yet drive it around, let’s motivate myself.


my dream car the audi zero. i like to think i have the drive, speed and feistyness to drive this car. :D

hyundai getz

of course since by the time i can actually buy my first car i would have to purchase something budget to compensate the cost of my numerous driving tries (my aunt suggest going for a second-hand for ur first car), im going to choose this hyundai getz. not too bulky, not too small.

kia picanto

and if my budget really cannot make it, i also like this cute kia picanto. ^_^

okay okay. this is not just daydreaming. motivational speakers say must visualise and this is what i’m doing. i have no problem at all with visualising. it’s getting the visualised product (and the skill) that’s the challenge. fighting! :D


2 responses to “my driving progress

  1. At least you have an inch of interest. Im not cut out to drive. I think i’ll stick to ppl driving me around. Haha…

    • simplymardy

      haha me too for now =D
      its just that i always have this dream of going on a road trip out of sg someday and the thought that all of my road trip buddies can drive and i can’t (so i cannot take turns to drive) bugs me. by the time that road trip happens (no idea when but pretty confident that day will come ^_^) i will be able to drive insyaAllah :D

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