period pains is a sign of Allah’s love

this post is for both girls AND guys.

ladies u know how we’re always complaining about period pains? how it’s so painful, how it can get unbearable till sometimes u can’t even walk and do anything at all. and then we complain again and try to put it aside and do something while still grumbling in our head.

women get period pains because it is how the body reacts to the action of tissue replacement (shredding old tissues to give way to new ones) in the uterus. it happens every month so that our body’s toxins are flushed out and we are constantly in a clean state.

and we feel pain because we are designed to feel pain because we are human.

Allah is cleaning our body and the pain that we go through is how the body reacts to the process. it also means we can grow a human being inside the uterus because our body is able to go through that process.

and the best thing is? the body goes through all that with redha. because it knows it belongs to Him so it never complains. like we do.

“Read, in the name of the lord who created. Created man out of a blood-clot.” -Al-‘Alaq, verse 2

to put it simply, it is Allah’s way of saying “I love you.”

we always miss it because we are too self-absorbed with ourselves that we don’t see the Love.

so girls, the next time u complain about period pains, remember that it is Allah’s way of saying “I love you”.

guys, the next time the women in your life complain about period pains, u know what to do.

remember to remind them that it is Allah’s way of saying “I love you.”

(but DO NOT start off with “I understand what you’re going through” because guys are not designed to handle period pains. saying that will be looking for trouble.)



10 responses to “period pains is a sign of Allah’s love

  1. mdhilwan

    “ also means we can grow a human being inside the uterus..”

    :) And the fetus will be able to grow in a clean environment.. in the best of environment!.. And that clean environment have been prepared and made possible by Allah’s will… MasyaAllah… the greatness of Allah’s design… No designer / programmer / animator / engineer can match HIM. Allahuakbar!

    Thanks for sharing mard

    • simplymardy

      aww now u almost made me cry! no prob…alhamdulillah :)

      yup yup so we all grew up in clean environments even before our first cry. u know there’s even food in there provided for us when we’re inside. isn’t that just amazing?

  2. haidar

    amazing piece Mardhiah. science and religion often goes along together all under Allah’s creation. i look forward to reading more of your notes on thse subject or anything that has a blessing in disguise. =)

    • simplymardy

      thanks haidar :)

      actually this came while i was experiencing period pains itself. it didnt go away despite me drinking chamomile tea coz i kept complaining to myself abt it. as soon as i realised that Allah’s saying I love you to me, the pain immediately went away! :D

  3. I love this post. Sickness is also a way of Him saying “I love you” too. Everything in fact:)

  4. ruqa

    i love it and i miss some ppl in my life now. hehe

  5. ruqayyah

    yeah! ^^
    have a blessed ramadhan ukhti; to you and family :)

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