bumblebee took a tumble


but it’s back!

and it chose to be bumblebee because it chose to be bumblebee.

(is mardhiah talking nonsense? yes? no? maybe? i don’t know?)

(btw the answer is – all four of them.)


3 responses to “bumblebee took a tumble

  1. Huda Lee

    Ummm….huh? Haha…i don’t get it.

  2. simplymardy

    hehe. the answer is all 4 because all of them is right to different people because we have different realities.

    ur answer is right too. ;)

  3. simplymardy

    actually i was talking about transformation.

    Bumbleebee is a yellow car that transformed into something else but it is still a yellow car.

    If someone painted bumbleebee red, then bumbleebee wouldn’t have “transformed”. It would have just “changed”.

    When someone “transforms”, they are still the same person except that they have transformed.

    And tt’s absoultely okay to me if you don’t get this :)

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