designer power

did u read Urban today?

isn’t it ironical that the abayas are getting more popular in the fashion world in US?

and that its the non-Muslim fashion designers in the fashion industry who have the power to bring the abayas to the rest of the world. like Ms Adlina Anis mentioned in today’s article in the paper “Veiled Intention”, “It is hypocritical of the fashion industry to accept the abaya only when big designers like John Galiano and Carolina Herrera introduce designer abaya, but to still look at Muslim women who have been wearing the abaya for ages as traditional, close-minded and in need of rescue.”

totally true man. my exact sentiments.

u just need to read some comments at youtube to know that there are still people who think that Islam oppresses its people. on the other hand the fact that they bother to spend time typing and watching the videos tells us something – that they just need a little push. when someone is lost, u guide them don’t you? u don’t just leave them be. some people don’t even know they’re lost until they see/get a sign (pun intended). to tell you the truth i’m disappointed by the way some people reply to these lost & ignorant souls – i know we feel the need to stand up & defend our religion but there is no need to reply with the F word or other vulgarities because however angry we are, we’re not portraying a good example of Islam by doing so. besides, Rasulullah s.a.w always dealt with the non-believers gently for it’s better to attract flies with honey rather than vinegar.

on the other hand, she also mentioned about being positive about it and that designers are “accepting Muslim women’s place in fashion today.”

because really, u never know what great things this may bring… and i mean great, unexpected, hidayah-getting, things… if you get the hint (imagine Donna Karan’s sleek city chic or Anna Sui’s rock & roll or Vera Wang’s wedding gown designs for the Muslim women – not because they want to make more profit or expand their business but because they have a new purpose – if you get the hint, again ^_^) well that’s what I hope but of course, only Allah knows and He has the utmost power.

nonetheless, besides that, this has brought more awareness of Islam to the rest of the world and i’m loving it, don’t you? =D

think big and feel positive. fighting!


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