personality team ventures

School was supposed to start yesterday but at 9am i received this sms for my 10.30am lecture…

“Dear Students, this is to inform you that due to unforeseen circumstances, Enterepreneurial Ventures lecture scheduled today, 6/7 has been cancelled – SIM BBMFT”

imagine my happiness as i doze off back to sleep. hehe.

but the “bonus” holiday was meant to be tho coz today’s lecture gave us all goosebumps & i can feel the pressure. can you feel it can you feeeeeeeel it?

it was increased further when my lecturer told us that we were gonna be re-distributed and we would have to take a test to determine the groupings. last sem we were free to choose our own team members & the project weightage was much lesser.

i think almost everyone’s hearts sank. you can practically hear it in the room.

the thing about putting 4 different people from different cliques to construct a business plan together is that u either have the same visions or u don’t. it can get very extreme & if the team is divided, u are in trouble because it shows in the presentation & outcome.

but if u manage to get a good team & can agree AND the team is as passionate on the chosen business idea, then one wall has been destroyed and a bridge, albeit a not yet as strong one, has been built and you’re on your way to a smoother journey.

i thought what test laaa… skali it’s a personality test! the “Belbin Inventory & Team Roles” self perception inventory.

we were gonna be grouped by our personalities in a team.

the personal skill inventory identifies eight team roles; Shaper, Coordinator, Plant, Resource Investigator, Monitor Evaluator, Implementer, Team Worker & Completer-Finisher

according to the test (we had to complete a questionnaire), i’m a Coordinator (CO).  COs are described as calm, self-confident & controlled.

the rest of my team members comprise of a Team Worker (TW), Implementer (IMP) and Completer-Finisher (CF). today’s first meet showed energy & enthusiasm. sounds good to me.

so we shall see.

wonder if this applies to choosing life partners? afterall, they say marriage is an institution…

*note: i’m supposed to journal my ev lessons and collate it later. thought i’d use the blog as a platform.


2 responses to “personality team ventures

  1. haidar

    mardhiah, i miss you. hope can meet with u n wanis soon. =)

  2. simplymardy

    miss u too babe. =) hows school? gg to 2nd year already right… well u know what to do, im just an sms/call/fb away! :D

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