learning arabic thru book titles

i saw some of these while at Jeddah international airport and chuckled to myself translating away with what little arabic i know…


Malaikat & Syaitan = Angels & Demons; by Dan Brown


Body (Jasad) Language (Lughah) by Allan & Barbara Pease


Rich Dad (Abi Ghani) Poor Dad (Abi Faqir) by Robert Kiyosaki


this one was an *aha!* How to say NO (coz the LAA made it obvious)


and this one is cute! The Cat (Qittun) in the Hat (Qab’ah) by Dr. Seuss

translating the covers is as far as i go… i still have a long long way to go to read the inside, which is in complete arabic *faints*.

that aside, i managed to converse with some people there in arabic. simple questions like “mina anti/anta?” (where are you from?) and “bikam?” (how much?), also correcting a seller when she shortchanged me by 1 riyal. i gave her 10 riyal for a 2 riyal socks and received 7 riyal in return when i was supposed to get 8. so i told her, “sabb’ah” (7 in arabic) coz she couldn’t understand malay/english (some sellers can converse in malay very well since they have a lot of malaysian, indonesian & sg customers) and she gave me my intended 1 riyal.

now i have a stronger motivation to learn arabic! :D


4 responses to “learning arabic thru book titles

  1. Masya’allah! I love these books! Haha…a big booster for me to learn arabic even more! Thanks mardy for sharing:)

  2. simplymardy

    yup2! there are many ways to learn arabic and this is one way to make learning fun! plus u kinda understand better & the words somehow become etched in ur memory more…

  3. boo

    heeee… thing is, i cannot read arab without the syakel..

  4. simplymardy

    oooh… i think that it takes practice, like everything else when learning a language. the more u read, the more u know =)

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