i’m coming, ya Allah…

labbaikallahumma labbaik…

excited but also having the jitters. need to clean my thoughts. such a sacred place. pray for me and my family’s safety yea people.

lots of love, mardhiah. =)


4 responses to “i’m coming, ya Allah…

  1. @isyah

    Hey YOU!

    see ya tomorrow at the airport.. roughly 5pm okie?


  2. simplymardy

    see you darls! *hugs*

  3. Jamie

    im kinda late to post this now. but anyways, Insyallah you + family will go and return safely. So once you’re back n you read this, you know I have thought about you. Sowie unable to see you off coz i’m working. Love and regards….Jam.

  4. {e0}

    hi mardiah

    yiling here.. i saw ur post sundown photos http://www.snapshots.com.sg/en-US/photo/underparticipant/id-23101

    nice one girl! i didn’t went for the race .. went to climb mt ophir..

    btw, where did you take your sports climbing lvl one?

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