Adidas Sundown Marathon

THE race day finally arrived! 30.05.09

What made it extra eventful was the presence of good friends.

Hawanis, Aisyah & me wore purple tudung in sync with the Women’s 10k purple color theme (we were later known as the “purple tudung” girls by others). Muhaymin took part in the 10k Team category with his uncle & aunts while Hilwan took part in the full marathon.


The women’s 10k crowd was amazing! Amazing in the sense that I had never seen 1746 women (stats from sundown website) this geared up for a race (besides the annual GSS – i guess this recession that takes a backseat huh). When the gun went peeeet! at 8.30pm, we jogged. Soon, we started running faster. We catch up with each other whenever one of us was ahead and kept filling up empty spaces in between. I’ve got to say, I prefer running at night coz it’s so much cooler without the scorching heat (as compared to sub-urban run) and this time around, I had the energy to run faster because of more training and also due to the coolness of the night.

Halfway throughout the race somebody called out my name!

I looked up to see that it was Muhaymin, who was already at the u-turn juncture of the 10k track (u-turn at 5k point). But because it was a pretty quiet night and people didnt talk loudly during the race, everyone looked up. Hahaha… So after a very brief “eh, HI!!!”  greeting, I think everyone knew my name. Lol. Must have been the purple tudung strategy huh..

At 7k,

wanis: mar i’m losing it! cannot run anymore!

no no no u’re not! ure loving it! just pun one foot forward!

the term “just pun one foot forward” was coined by a seasoned marathoner (i forgot his name) who when asked how did u do it?, he replied, “i just put one foot forward and go” 

and so were many more enouragements and reportings that we exchanged, the plus side of racing with friends makes the whole event so much sweeter to remember. :)

My strategy was to overtake as many as I can and it worked but only until 9k – this time I couldn’t sprint anymore so I just jogged. Wahlau so many fast women running! U think ure slow but there’s people slower than u but ure not that fast either with so many others in front of u. But because of them, I was motivated to keep going. So kudos to all the women who took part in the race, I guess we motivated each other and don’t even know it hehe.

Along the race beach-goers cheered too, there was the “ehh pakai tudung pun join? baik ah!” and the “nak dekat ni kak, nak dekat.. power ah kak, go go go!” which made me smile. They made me keep going nearing the 9k despite my “I’m losing it i’m losing it omg I really am losing it” chants (now it was my turn) inside my brain.

Let me give u a sneak peek of what went on inside my brain,

“I’m losing it i’m losing it omg I really am losing it”

no ure not! just keep going! just keep running! just put one foot forward!

oh god, really, can’t run anymore…

jangan merepek! once u finish then u can walk! don’t u ever stop running here!

When I finally saw the finishing line, omg the feeling was ya Allah aku da sampai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m finally finally finally here! Alhamdulillah! We did it! We completed the race! Hooray!  



After the race, 100PLUS had never tasted SO GOOD! Especially since it was a canful and the volunteers had already opened it for us, plus we received our medals and visor. Then we had our late night dinner at changi village, solat isyak by the beach and watched Transformers (before that they screened Iron Man & after this was Incredible Hulk) while waiting for Hilwan to finish. The late night movie marathon was so cool, it’s like those classic movie screenings where u pay 30 cents and sit anywhere u want those kind of setting. Some people even brought their tents along.



30 May finally came and went. Let’s do it again next year together! The more the merrier! :D


View Race Results here


2 responses to “Adidas Sundown Marathon

  1. mdhilwan

    Next year 42k pulak ah! ^_^ InshaAllah boleh punye!

  2. simplymardy

    hehhhh. we shall see.

    btw saw the results already – hawanis & me only 30 seconds apart & in between that around 20 women pass thru the finishing line!

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