of perfect strangers & death

sky of love

the recent Desperate Housewives episode on the death of the neighbourhood handyman, Eli Scruggs whose life made an impact to almost everyone on the street despite being a stranger (referring to the context of non-family member or friend and not stranger per se) left an impact on me.

so did reading Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays with Morrie (thanks fiza!). Mitch spends time with his old professor Morris Shwartz, commonly known as Morrie, when he got to know that Morrie was slowly dying. what is different about Morrie is that instead of shunning people and isolating himself feeling grumpy and sick, the more he welcomes human touch as he nears his death day.

everybody has their allocated time on earth. some die a sudden death, while some are fortunate enough to have been given time to prepare themselves and their loved ones for their final days on earth.

what left me in deep thought after both instances was how much their life affected the lives of so many around them that they are remembered dearly after their passing.

yes Eli Scruggs is a fictional character in a fictional story, but surely we all have encountered perfect strangers in our lives who have left an impact on us and that we carry a piece of them in our daily lives.


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