my first plane ride

to KL, nonetheless. i was so egg-cited to finally be taking the plane!


i kind of got super over-excited and so awed by the beautiful beautiful clouds floating like cotton candy in the sky that i kept clicking and clicking my lavender lumix taking lots and lots of pictures. i sat beside the window and basically pressed my nose on the window just to look at the gorgeousness of it all. Subhanallah! those houses apartments and grass down there look so miniscule like they’re just from a board game ure looking at.

but i was nauseous and had a migraine the whole 45mins trip *zzng* even my saliva and nano-nano (the sweets) couldn’t beat it. ahh wells. t’was like a warm-up for june (more of that next time).

but i think i like travelling by air. i like to feel how an eagle feels (well, sort of). :D



4 responses to “my first plane ride

  1. :D Reminded me of my first plane ride to Cambodia! I can’t wait for another and another and another…haha!

  2. simplymardy

    me too me too!!! i can’t wait either! ^_^

  3. atifah

    tried taking the train before? the views are exceptionally breathtaking as well. (:

    but its less comfortable times 100. heh.

  4. simplymardy

    oh yes i had to sit thru a 12-hr train ride to kelantan for the mt.stong trip. i think my bum flat already by the end of the ride (but redeemed by naik gunung tho ^_^)

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