Butterfly Bag & Happy Mother’s Day!

Time for some butterfly lovin people!

Made this pretty thing from this pattern with my butterfly fabric in my stash, but replaced the fabric handle with a pair of wooden handles i bought some time back but never got around to use it, added those cute butterfly buttons and a nice deep pink ribbon to go along with it.


i’m going to make mum something similar, more “sophisticated” hopefully, for mummy’s day because i offered to cook for today and ask her to rest and sit back and act all tai-tai-ish but she adamantly refused (now what does that say about my cooking hmmmmmmm) coz she wanted to make eclairs & epok-epok sayur and whathaveunots to bring over to my grams to celebrate this lovely day so i shall do what i do best and go make her something gorgeous.

Happy Mothers’ Day Ibu. Thank you for tolerating me your darling daughter all these time. I know i can be terribly annoying. ^_^

Happy Mother’s Day! Tho everyday should be a mothers day~ xoxo

P.S: Oh & one more thing, what do you think of the new rainbow banner? do you like it? or do u prefer the previous one? need improvements? tips? would love to hear ur comments =)


5 responses to “Butterfly Bag & Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. mdhilwan

    “and ask her to rest and sit back and act all tai-tai-ish but she adamantly refused”


    @ ur rainbow banner:
    Nice ^_^ I saw some cool tutorials about making graphical rainbows in photoshop: http://www.giackop.com/?p=70
    Thought maybe you would wanna try

  2. simplymardy

    ahh yeah my mum is never one to sit still and relek one corner the whole day. she has to do *something*

    hey nice tutorial, thanks wan! u got me browsing other cool tutorials as well… much to do during this break – increase photoshop skills! :D

  3. mdhilwan

    yeap yeap! ^_^

    Another place to go is: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/

    They got alot of freebies including wordpress templates, fonts, tutorial files, desktop wallpaper etc etc

    enjoy! ~

  4. simplymardy

    oooh simply smashing! thanks designer/developer friend! ^_^

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