putih bersih

updated: okay the beautiful rainbow’s there! with a different tho similar theme.

yeah yeah she changed her theme again *yawns-nothing-new-about-that*

i like white background. peace & suci. black is nice too, but i figured its not for me, so this will do (for now =P).

currently enjoying my break; cooked ayam masak merah today – which i shall give myself a somewhat biased credit of 3/5 since its my first time out of 21++ years (i think my nenek the unbeatable cook will fail me or at least give me a just pass) & also planning to sew this pretty baby.

gosh i sound so domesticated la seh. ahh takpe, cooking & sewing are lifelong skills which are cool & u ain’t cool if u ain’t doin ’em *thinking of Project Runway designers & fabulous chefs Nigella Lawson & sexy Jamie Oliver*



2 responses to “putih bersih

  1. ruqayyah

    jamie is not sexy la sey :D

  2. simplymardy

    yes he is! he makes cooking so… desirable ^_^

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