my sunflower

nadya gave me a sunflower! :D


it was EXTRA HUGE. because the last time we met i gave her a pink rose so she wanted to give me a big surprise in return. people stared. because it was EXTRA HUGE and people are curious and if it was me, i would stare too.


we studied together – the first time since, uhm, secondary school days? and we bumped into maryam who was discussing an assignment with her schoolmates. =)


she study so serious. or maybe it’s just me, have not mugged for a loooong time. ni blum blaja ngan aisyah lagi ni.  

and i have a presentation tmr for entrepreneurship – the only one with a group presentation. this is so going back to poly days honestly. i’ve been day-camping at my grp mates house for the past few weeks! good thing coming out of that is my chinese is slowly improving. oh and im now hooked to the new series Table of Glory! hurhur.

now now now, what to wear tmr…


2 responses to “my sunflower

  1. {e0}

    *waves* to nadya! hello! if you’re reading mardiah’s blog (:


  2. simplymardy

    haha hello yiling! *kallangwave to yiling*

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