run baby run

oh dear i’m really distracted and can’t just do one thing at a time. im in the middle of my group project but suddenly remembered i haven’t check my sub-urban run results.


BuzyBuff’s race timing


the race route

not too bad alhamdulillah. at least now i can gauge how i’ll do in the upcoming one.


go to race page 

the women’s 10k is the route highlighted in grey outline (no 100plus for first 10k of the whole route uh-oh-haha). the full marathon route looks interesting but i don’t think i have the stamina for that (yet! kan wanis kan? ade la kiter berangan idea giler nak join the full one satu hari nanti insyaAllah). andddd i’m looking forward to this because;

1. it’s a night race. my first time night race + my 2nd race so far.

2. i’ll be running with fellow friends :)

3. it’s after my exams hooray!

4. and it’s ADIDAS babeh. ^_^


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