biar rugged, asalkan tutup aurat

it all started when someone started that phrase last week.

now everything is infused with “biar _______, asalkan _______.”

(translation: “it’s ok to __________, as long as _________.”)


(we got down & dirty @ ubin’s mountain biking trail)


“biar rugged asalkan jangan lupa tanggungjawab”


so today we went to climb @ yishun safra! i lead climb for the first time (thanks rufi!), waheedah’s first climb in 2 years, aisyah’s first climb since OBS sec school (berzaman giler tu), & rufi lead belay + second belayed.

after everything we slap o johnson johnson softlotion because…




“biar climb, asalkan tangan lembut”



2 responses to “biar rugged, asalkan tutup aurat

  1. Md Hilwan

    Biar climb, asalkan tangan lembut? LOL! Boleh jadi tag line iklan Johnson & Johnson ah…

  2. simplymardy

    yeah i wish! then johnson boleh sponsor kiter & give freebies. haha. *berangan*

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