Native Child CARE BAGS’ve been approached by Sis Teeya, a silent reader of my blog (now not silent anymore hehe – it’s really fab to know my blog has silent readers and discovering them ^_^ ) to helpout for this overseas project in Canada that she and her friends would be embarking on.

Unfortunately, Canada has a vast number of people living in poverty. Those suffering the most, are our Aboriginal children. It is heart breaking to see anyone suffer, moreover when it’s a child in our own ‘backyard.’

Details of project: Help put together Care Bags for our Aboriginal children living in poverty. Our goal is to put 48 bags together.
Can you sew? Please help make totes. You may make them however you wish, I just ask you keep the handle small (for safety reasons), and make the bag big enough to fit a standard size colouring book. Pattern suggestion: Basic Tote
  • 48 x totes – collected 4
  • Due Date: Friday, June 5, 2009 – or until all items are collected. I will update the site as items are donated.
  • More details at

    My exams are nearing in a month but this project is just too valuable for me to miss! A chance to combine 2 of my favourite things together – creating fabulous stuff for those who really need them :))) So i will sew here and there in between my break times (i might have to sneak out from Mugging Land once in a while). May He make things easier for me insyaAllah, coz I feel somewhat compelled towards this project masyaAllah.

    (I already have some fabrics for kids in mind! hahaaaa and the fact that I can’t concentrate on studying if I don’t get involved in this.)

    If you know of anyone who can sew and would like to helpout in this project, do spread the word! :)


    And speaking of making things easier, yesterday was the first time I solat at my chinese non-Muslim friend’s house during a group project. At first I solat my Zuhr & Asar at the nearby mosque but it would take time to travel to and fro (15 mins + waiting time) so I asked her if it would be okay for me to solat (Maghrib) at her house since we had to stay long to finish up the project. Alhamdulillah she was okay with it =)

    I guess its human nature to put one’s expected obstacles in your head. I feel so thankful that they are understanding and tolerant. I can’t stop smiling and feeling happy bout this coz I honestly never expected it to be so… easy. But it’s not that easy la – first u have to answer curious questions & explain them – I find this the obstacle actually coz when answering them I felt that my Islamic knowledge is not deep enough *makes mental note in my head to improve this*.

    Thank You Allah, I love YOU so much! :D


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