D-I-Y: Pink & Gold Organiser Sleeve

Hooray i’ve finished my assignments! Yey for now before i start mugging for exams (hey that word sounds strange after 2 years. haha aksyen pulaaaak.) And since I have itchy fingers (as u may know by now), decided to do something crafty to channel my creative juices into.


This is my 2009 organiser. I couldn’t find something that appealed to me so i took the one in black. i t’s not bad and i like black, but in this case its a tad too dull for me and doesn’t scream “me me me!” so since i have some free time…


I made an organiser sleeve. Had some leftover pink fabric and little bits of sequinned lace and lined it with interfacing (the white sheet) so it’s not too flimsy.


So this is my “new” organiser. It’s so refreshing and pink and gold and i loooooove it. I guess if i ever get tired of this i’ll make another one! haha but i think this is gonna stay for a very long time. :D

anyone want to revamp ur organiser? xoxo


5 responses to “D-I-Y: Pink & Gold Organiser Sleeve

  1. heyy.. i lyk dat organiser sleeve..
    it’s so nice..
    esp when it’s pink ^.^

  2. simplymardy

    thanks hidayah :) oooh you love pink too! i love the pink + gold put together, its so blingified haha

  3. ruqayyah

    pretty! but its your skills i envy hehe.
    i have to learn how to do all these before marriage x)

  4. mardhiah

    y thank you sis *curtseys*
    oh that will have to be sooooonnnnn! ;)

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