had a short trip to JB with the familia! :) 


the uncles and aunts whom we’ve grown up with (: singgah la selalu ke restoran ni ye


the ones who cannot lie to each other no matter how hard the other party tries to conceal the truth. too used to each other’s bluffing techniques i guess (nak bedek pun mesti ade taktik).


the spread. initially wanted to try the waffle + ice-cream & chendol but was super full after that so perhaps next time la. *happily thinking of next trip & rubs hands gleefully* 


my fascination with the stars. the deco was so pretty.

and iboughtashoethatifellinlovewithatfirstsight. so happy. *grins* it’s been long babeh.


2 responses to “jaybee

  1. azmikarim

    Makanan tu nampaknya sungguh menyelerakan!
    Mintak sikit.lol.

  2. simplymardy

    and it is! cheaper lagi. =D

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