if u don’t destroy the old, u can’t move on with the new

DESTROY is a powerful word, but basically that sentence means having to get rid of old ways in order to move on to new & better things. it came from my hmt lecturer when he discussed revamping business models – the original was if you want to progress, you must be prepared to destroy the existing model.

business models aside, i think it’s something we can definitely apply to real life, friendships, relationships (existing feelings, words unsaid, unsolved conflicts etc), work and life in general.

of course, it’s not and won’t be easy.

oh wells just some random thoughts. alrite i should be going back to my essay which has a deadline this friday. u know, besides all this student stress and miscellanous school stuff and adjusting etcetera etcetera, i love being in school. i love learning and i love the things im learning yey.

oh and i also love my bunayya f&b students! whom i just went food shopping with yesterday. alhamdulillah they can click very well & not much fuss, and giler-giler like that. i really (x100) hope they do well for the camp. of course, i love my other mentor buddy who is like that too (that’s why the team is like that. hahaaaaa.) i think because food is universal, hence the magic comes naturally. like that – macam gitu ah. (inside joke LOL) :D

life is what you make of it.

i’m loving songs from The Zikr. so touching.

Allah Is Calling – The Zikr


3 responses to “if u don’t destroy the old, u can’t move on with the new

  1. Md Hilwan

    Salam Mard!^_^ Amacam sekolah? I think im going back to school soon too.. InshaAllah see how :) Anyway… jangan lupa jogging tau! Adidas Sundown lagi 2 bulan! And take care of ur tembel. InshaAllah moga cepat2 sembuh aite :) Owh.. and nak gi ubin tak! Ketam BMX trail adventure ah aper lagi! :D

  2. simplymardy

    w’salam wan. alhamdulillah school’s good so far yup2. yah sure, after busy period over let’s head off to de-stress yo! =D now must go back to assignment im taking so long to finish it *gulp*

  3. Md Hilwan

    LOL. Rufi have picked a date to go Ubin. 22nd Sunday :) Jom!

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