me, myself & eye

I had a visit to the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) yesterday regarding my tembel that’s been there for the last 3 months. it got smaller after my last visit to the polyclinic where the doctor gave me eye drops, but it’s still there displaying itself to the world. mum advised me to see an eye specialist, better.

so the eye specialist told me its a pimple that won’t go away. my skin tends to lean more on the oily side, so i always tend to get this problem. she said the tembel is coming from outside, and not from inside (so its not an infection) and advised me to compress my right eye with a hot towel for 3 mins and rub the tembel area diligently every morning and night. according to her, 85% of the cases like this the problem usually goes away. if it die-die doesn’t, then they might have to cut it out.

my immediate instinct was might as well do it now and get rid of it. but then i remembered my previous eye surgeries and let’s just say it wasn’t a nice experience at all coz u can feel every pain that comes with the cutting equipment. (there are usually no anaesthetics given for short and simple eye surgeries like this). =S

my eye surgeries & me? we go way back. (not very good friends i say. we kind of dread each others visits.) once when i was in primary 3 and once 2 years ago. *puts hands on both cheeks and looks far*

in the end had to pay $31 at the SNEC for the consultation and will have to come back in a months time for the progress. okay so im so going to discipline myself to do the hot compress thing. haha.

what, pay $31 just for a consultation that even my granny can tell me? its kinda a common ailment i hear everytime ppl got tembel – hot compress. oh my granny even suggest put bawang & rub at ur tembel coz according to them there’s a chemical that would make it go away. yes, bawang. (!!!)

well at least now i know its not cancerous or infectious. must take better care of my eyes la. (can say bye-bye to eye-makeup except eyeliner & mascara. and they would have to be dermatologically tested now if i don’t want any more prolonged tembels in the future)

i think if i were to be a doctor i would want to be an eye doctor/specialist. without the ability to see, i wouldn’t be able to see all the colours in the world, see nature & Allah’s beautiful beautiful creations, see my mum’s warm & lovely face, see my family’s happiness, see the love coming out from my loved ones, see the many shapes & sizes tiles on the rockwall, see the gorgeous fabrics that are just waiting to be transformed into something fabulous, just to name a few.

and when u look at someone’s eyes u can tell a lot of things about that person. u can also tell if they are lying! if they are right-handed, they would look to the left when they are telling the truth and look to the right when they lie. the opposite goes for the left-hander; the left-hander looks to the right when telling the truth and left when lying.

eyes are a magnificent gift from Him. appreciate it. take care of it. and most importantly, use it well. :)


10 responses to “me, myself & eye

  1. atifah

    eh, about the lying part tu, betul eh? wahhh. this is a very important information. hehe.

    thank you! (: hope your eye is much better!

  2. ruqayyah

    salam mar~
    i hope your tembel will go away soon. :/ yes my sister does that every night… ‘clean’ her eyes huhu.
    btw, u and i are invited to kak siryana’s wedding this 21st march… your card is with me. want to go together? =)

  3. simplymardy

    @atifah: well that’s what my lecturer shared with us. he dealt with all kinds of people in his previous jobs as HR manager. u gotta check the source for its accuracy tho. yeah i hope so too, thanks babe! :)

    @ruqayyah: w’salam sis. oh yes sure, but i end class at 4pm so i can only go after that. her wedding is frm 1 – 6pm rite. u ok with that or do u need to go early?

  4. ruqayyah

    her wedding is from 1-8pm. hmm… i’ll let you know k. hope to see you soon! =)

  5. simplymardy

    hope to see u soon too sis insyaAllah. :) & can’t wait to hear all about it heh heh heh *wink wink*

  6. Huda Lee

    Oh dear, you still have the tembel since I met you at Pulau ubin the last time??? Thats super long…

  7. simplymardy

    yes huda, super long indeed. fortunately it’s nothing harmful. i hope it goes away after the compressing insyaAllah. pray for me aite. =)

  8. mardy

    @lying: suddenly remembered one thing; left brain is for remembering while right is for visualising/imagining hence the lies – trying to make something up – therefore eyes automatically looks to the right.

    ps: stated fact above is vice-versa for left-handers.

  9. The canggih makcik

    hmmm, u dah cukup cantik tanpa eyeliner or mascara dah..salaam

  10. simplymardy

    w’salam cik betty. thank u. =) uve started to visit my blog – this is scary. haha. =P

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