<3 the pleated mermaid-ish gown

APTOPIX Oscars Arrivals

the only gown that caught my eye.

just look at the details! i love how she looks like a mermaid in the lower half of the gown, before the pleated trail. i wonder of the workmanship, the craftwork, the pleats, the wads of fabric used, the amount of people involved to make it, the amount of needles that broke (haha but i think they are professional enough & much better than me to break needles) and of course one of the first things that came to my mind was the time – it must have been super time-consuming to complete.

i wonder if i can have a Muslimah version of that for my wedding somewhere in the future perhaps. u don’t wear this kind of gown to the market or any other dinner. it has to be something really big & special. & once in a lifetime. unless u happen to marry multiple times. ok digressing, back to topic.

if i don’t find a designer that makes it (haha step the famous singing sensation Siti je), maybe i’ll make one.





anyways i don’t think i have that kind of patience to actually complete it. like this if i were to get married must plan like in super super super advanceeeee. people think of wedding things to prepare, i think of materials to purchase to make my baju. haha.

oh well. u never knowwwww. ye-ye-oh je. =P

sorry guys, this is totally girl-talk. & please. i know that in the end it’s not the wedding dress that matters. but still. told ya it’s girl-talk. ^_^

how did i come to talking about wedding gowns when all i wanted to blog about was how much i love that gown for its intrinsic detailing. must be coz some people getting married soon lah that’s why. yesterday i bumped into aishah banu & she told me her bro’s getting married in 2 weeks! see lah digress again. back to studying for prices & markets test. bye people.


4 responses to “<3 the pleated mermaid-ish gown

  1. simplymardy

    tengok bawah je la!

    no wonder u commented on this post, coz ure one of them!

    “must be coz some people getting married soon lah that’s why.”

    ceh ceh ceh.. hairil’s getting married seh… :)))

  2. atifah

    ok i might be late, but this one caught my eyes – her everything, from the dress to her make up and her hair style (im still trying to figure out how to do the braid – so Roman!)

    and ya, i intend to sew my own wedding gown. something similar to the above. haha. a fusion of other designs as well. ^_^

  3. simplymardy

    sienna miller. she so knows how to rock it – she kept her make-up & jewellery simple. she looks soooo gorgeous!

    oh i thought marisa tomei’s versace was (& still is) superrrrr.

    @wedding gown: *high-five!* yey so im not the only “crazy” one here haha. ;)

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