life’s simple pleasures

this is me wanting to join the jump shots even tho im wearing a skirt – coz jump shots are always fun and superrr candid nak mampus no matter how u intend to pose.


but as u can see i am VERY the lambat setapak-tapak. people jump already im still ehhhh wait!


that, ladies and gentlemen is my “polite” jump shot coz i didn’t want my skirt to flail everywhere even tho i had leggings. the pose look so cacat like that but whatever. i love jump shots! ^_^

then i went off to solat my zuhr at a staircase landing at level 1. apparently the area is not open to public but it was not locked so i decided to solat over there when i found a cardboard simply “waiting” to be solat on. plus the security guard patrolling that level was a malay-Muslim pakcik who didn’t mind me using that area to solat – he said if it had been other security guard they sure won’t allow such things. (i sneak off to solat, telling them i went to toilet which is true, and they were worried coz i took so long. lol.) at that moment i felt so syukur coz it seemed like He was making each step easier for me. alhamdulillah. (:

february is the start of school’s full swing mode – deadlines, tests & assignments. that’s why my blog very dusty nowadays.

P.S: climbing clinic (informal) for sisters only soon – look out for it yo!


2 responses to “life’s simple pleasures

  1. Huda Lee

    :) I know that feeling. Even in the hospital I was attached to, I had to sneak into staircases just to solat. It gets easier every day with Allah’s grace.

  2. simplymardy

    yes it does, especially when u want to head off in the good direction. =)

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