Spot the Similarity

After 20 years, some things really never change.

like this girl and her big sunglasses.


1989. 1 years young. watcha lookin’ at dude. (tapi duduk.. hai tak senonoh betol. tsk tsk.) i can’t remember who those sunglasses belong to but it must have been my aunt or uncle. they were the ones who were following the 80s trend.. i was looking at their old photos and fuhh! their permed hair were the super “in” thing of the moment! and my makciks & uncles were quite the fashionistas! fashion repeats itself. soon re-bonded hair will be so out of date. =p


2009. 21 years young. what is it with me & those kind of sunglasses. it seems that we are inseparable. indeed! this photo had reminded me of the one above, fortunately my family likes to keep a record of old photos. my dad even keeps a whole album on his outdoor adventure trips with his friends when they were a lot younger. and I found their ol’ skool Ubin trip pics and saw how Ubin looked then! pretty cool. will blog about that soon once I have the time.

P.S: I have a new category – In Pictures. for pictures that says a thousand words. even if they don’t, I always have something to say about it. :D


5 responses to “Spot the Similarity

  1. Jamie

    cute Mar. my little friend. no, no offence kay? tapi actually kan, antara sumer my kwn2, ur the smallest in size. so that makes it easier to rmber. hee. =)) Love u!

  2. simplymardy

    haha love u too babe! =)))

  3. oh mannnnn both pictures of you are so so so cute laaaaa! especially the baby one! geramnyer! Ya Allah! Haha.

  4. boo

    LOL!!! eeeeekkk!! i’m so gonna pinch your cheeks the next time i bump into u. cute nyer!!…

  5. simplymardy

    @ amee: i wonder how it’ll be like to meet that baby (macam crite THE KID, where Bruce Willis met himself as a kid and then at first he couldn’t stand the kid coz he was irrritating – but so chubby so cute!) i wonder if im as irritating. LOL ^_^

    @ boo: alamak next time i see u i run away first okay? so u can *still* admire me but from afar. hahahhah! =p

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