That Ubin trip; in pictures

Yey to Remy for finally uploading his Ubin snapshots! =D


Semangat sisters – my odabs Suhaila & Huda! =D


The mandatory group picture. i love the beautiful hand-painted mural (which is actually part of a kampung house or something) at the back.


Hilwan at the edge of the cliff at Bukit Puaka. One push and poof!


Somehow here Remy reminds me of Wally from “Where’s Wally?”


The girls didn’t have the guts to stand at the edge of the cliff like the guys. see we even need to hug each other for safety.


Haa ni satu makcik kedot aksyen terror gi mountain biking. But I love this picture so much laa what with my boho-chic sunglasses – pro cyclist wear sunglass so we also must wear (HAHA) – this is what u call adventure-ing with style! (so narcissistic i know :p).

More island hopping-exploring-aksyen-terrer-adventure-ing coming soon, yes? :D


7 responses to “That Ubin trip; in pictures

  1. atifah

    mardhiahhhhhhh, you look so cute with the shades on! macam nak cubit. haha. i wouldnt dare stand at the edge too, simply because im scared of heights!

  2. simplymardy

    u are?? i have the opp effect coz i love heights! but that cliff was just wayyyy too much. haha. alahai thank u for the compliment laaaa tifa. ^_^

  3. Haha yup Remy does remind me of Where’s Wally too in that picture!

    I would soooo stand at the edge la. And perhaps jump off too if it was safe enough! Haha.

    Nice shades dear!

  4. Md Hilwan

    I love that cliff…

    Everytime I head down to Ubin, I’ll stand at the edge of it. And in my head goes:

    “This is ‘IT’. I can choose to fall off. Or loose my balance and fall off. And cease to exist tomorrow”

    But ALAS! I didn’t! And it’s good to feel alive and able to live today


  5. simplymardy

    @ amee: okay then join us next time & i’ll jump off with you k? ;)

    @ wan: yabedabedoo! alive & kicking! =D

  6. ruqayyah

    waahhh suhailah gi seh. lama tak jumpa dia :(

  7. simplymardy

    ak ah. tu lah rare nak jumpe die these days. she’s doing her attachment now btw, daaah nak graduate our sister tu..

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