January has been a good month for me alhamdulillah.

A month of adapting back to school and adjusting to uni life. And life in general in fact. Having some work experience after poly-before uni helps. So u have an idea of the working world & what to expect when u graduate, and you understand better why u’re learning the things u’re learning. Im grouped with similar-path people so that helps a lot too. It’s been a month full of surprises and blessings. A great start to 2009.

I hope yours was as good too. :)


And err yeah, i bought new headphones. No my ONTO headphones didn’t drop into the jamban like my beyond-repair hp (not sobbing anymore, realised now that there’s a hikmah behind it), they just didn’t work anymore. My new mp3 buddy costs less than the previous one, it’s less good-looking (LOL), and I look like a tak-glam alien as compared to those green ones (at least that one make me look like stylish alien), but who cares. It’s more practical and of coz, more solid (want 2 buy anything for me must make sure it’s solid & durable haha =P. but I think my good friends know me too well on this already, based on their presents ^_^).


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