D-I-Y: Blue Sweater Makeover

Ever heard of the saying “Old is New”?

I’ve had this blue sweater for some time now, but unfortunately the colour has faded (and unlike jeans, fading sweaters aren’t ol’skool). Furthermore it has stretched and is not as snuggly to wear as a sweater anymore. But it’s a really versatile piece and I didn’t want to throw it away. Sooo I gave it a make-over!

Before: Blue Faded Sweater


(Sorry for the pathetic photo quality. Just wanted to keep a record of the “before” piece.)

After: Sweet Blue Cardigan


Tada! I didn’t plan for the design tho. Just went with the flow & the ideas in my head. This was what I did:

1. Cut the middle part, the collar & 2 inch of the sleeve (the sleeves had stretched too and became too long it was kinda annoying).

2. The collar that I cut was made into the ribbon in the middle – so u can use the cardigan both ways.

3. Added purple ribbon to the edges & the sleeves.

Looks like a totally different piece altogether, no? ^_^

Don’t know if you do but I like it a lot now more than the before. Okay, I liked the before when it was new. Haha! Change is good :D

Tip: Before you throw away the old clothes in ur closet, look at it and see if it has potential to be re-done & changed into something new. You’ll be surprised by how creative ur mind can get. =)


14 responses to “D-I-Y: Blue Sweater Makeover

  1. mdhilwan

    Whao!!! whahaha! ^_^ thats really very interesting. i think for guys kan.. kalao baju lama setakat t- shirt aje la selalu. Nak buat mcm ne eh?

  2. simplymardy

    hmmmmm. there is one video i watched once about this guy transforming his t-shirt into a hoodie. he combined the t-shirt and his plaid shirt, cut here cut there and end result is a pretty cool hoodie! :)
    forgot the link to the vid tho.

  3. azmikarim

    Cool! At first glance, I thought the second one was a totally different piece. Lol. Btw, any ideas on how to transform soccer jerseys? hehe.

  4. mdhilwan

    owh I remember a friend of mine who went to buy white school shoes and also buy those fabric paints. And did his own version of pimp my shoes. And he wore his shoes to school. lol really cool! :D

  5. siti_m

    uwah~ kreatif :D sis the after pic looks more light blue, u dye ke?

  6. simplymardy

    @ azmi: soccer jerseys? hmm make it into a sling bag? or pillowcase? heh

    @ wan: cool! there was an article i once read in straits times abt artists transforming white converse shoes into work of art and they were superrrrr gorgeous!

    @ siti_m: thanks maryam :) oh taaak. it was simply the lighting. anyway new things always somehow look more interesting, no? hehe.

  7. siti_m

    aah bile da baru mmng gitu. hot maciam brand baju tu~ :D

  8. neni

    omg this is really cool! and veryvery creative i must add.
    thumbs up!

  9. {e0}

    hello mardiah, yiling here (: really impressed by ur creativity and ur skills! oh btw i tink u can see my blog add ya? dun link (:

  10. simplymardy

    @ azmi: oh i got the pillowcase idea from Seventeen mag that time there was a feature of they turned funky t-shirts into pillows. cool..

    @ siti_m: haha ok i slow. i baru dapat what u meant. orang tengah sakit cam gini uh. lols.

    @ nen: hehe thanks! =D

    @ yiling: hi yiling! =) thanks & no i can’t see ur blog add anyway..

  11. Jamie

    Ur supa gud laa! Kay, i’m booking u to create miracles for my wardrobe can? Hehe! With skills, one can create wonders! Anw, gd job well done!! =))

  12. simplymardy

    aww thanks jam! hey one meet we can make at sum1’s hse and do something – like diy or something, movie ke pape.. movie! haven’t done that wif u girls in a super long time.. soon k? :)

  13. boo

    oh my!!.. mardhiah!! u’re simply VERY creative!! i actually keep afew clothes that i thought i could revamp it into something new.. but… heh, i’ve not quite work on it yet. *excuses excuses* lol!

  14. simplymardy

    yah i happen to have pile of that too! but skrg ni malas. tgk mood bile rajin n bile ade ideas =D

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