BAG-ging a Bargain

I finally got myself a long awaited backpack for school. cannot take it la carrying my laptop and my sling bag around. shoulder ache. before i become senget sebelah (right side), i figured i better get my bag soon. plus last week i actually had a nightmare of having my shoulder blades aching so much that i had to be warded in the hospital.


moving on, my budget was 30 bucks (people got no more disposable income so must really budget =D). i dropped by Bugis after school & project meet (with my 2 bags lol) since there’s more varieties there… and also coz it’s one of the places you can bargain.

i love bargaining. cheap thrill like that. haha.

finally found a bag i really liked after rounding. but it was retailing at $35.90. and my budget is $30! so die-die must be $30!

shop uncle: u want which one?

me: this one.. confirm already. how much?

shop uncle: confirm ah.. $35.90

me: oh.. $35.90? got discount?

shop uncle: ok i give u $32

me: $32? uncle, $30 can? i student le… *gives the most kesian look ever*

shop uncle: hmm okla okla can can

me: thank you uncle! i pray u get more sales k..?

shop uncle: ah yes yes, some more chinese new year coming

me: oh ya Happy Chinese New Year!

shop uncle: thank you thank you! next time want 2 buy bag come here again ok..

me: okay bye uncle, thanks! =D

hooray! my shoulder blades are smiling in relief. ^_^


6 responses to “BAG-ging a Bargain

  1. siti_m

    ya, shoulder sakit sgt kai beg tepi. i went bugis and bought a bag too! gd place for bargain, i must say hee.

    i feel like da maciam sec sch balik kai beg blkng. hee indeed, relief!

  2. simplymardy

    hey same same! that was exactly how i felt when buying the bag! betul2 rase cam back to sec sch days… & dulu tu i bought the same backpack as Ain, cume lain color je – mine was cream & hers was green. u know la dulu tu zaman nak pakai bag same mcm kawan… haha..

    but yup yup, felt soooo relieved to even out the weight after that. :D

  3. siti_m

    tak ya kai koyok~

    hehe so sweet kai bag similar gitu(: and now im missing sec sch. huhu

  4. simplymardy

    now u make me miss sec sch… *sings Yesterday by The Beatles *yesterday seemed so far away* :)

  5. Jamie

    next time i wanna go for a bargain, i know who to look for. =P

  6. mardy

    heheh jam! bolehla sikit-sikit… ^_^

    but kalau petaling street nye i tak berani… kalau betul2 nak beli baru boleh bargain. speaking of which, soooo when will be our travel + shopping trip…? =)

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