Faith in our daily lives

Sometimes hanging out with your non-Muslim friends actually strengthens one’s faith in your own religion.

I dropped by my class outing & bbq yesterday and when I arrived, they were playing a game which involved poker cards. But no, they were not playing poker. Each of them had to pick a card with a number, the cards + 1 king were spread out, faced down and then they had to pick one. The one who gets the King card will have to choose 2 numbers and think of a task for them to do.

As expected, the “tasks” or forfeit or whatever u call it can most times turn out to be pretty disgusting & merepek. Lagi my classmates being the crazy “on” people that they are… their forfeits were not mild and of course, leaned on the crazy nak mampus side.

Like kiss someone’s butt, lick someone’s neck, spread gooey marshmallow on ur neck & lick it off, pole dance (with one of them being the pole).

Yup the society that we live in.

I was enjoying my food (all halal btw bcoz yours truly promised to come) when one of them asked if i wanted to play along.

Uhh, thanks but no thanks. There is no way I am ever going to do all those stuff.

Keith: Game too wild for mardy isit?

Me: Haha yeah.. (and something else too)

The others: Eh wait ah, she makan ah, later then we ask again

Me: Ya lah u all, let me enjoy my food first.. (Ohmygod, how in the world am i going to weasel myself out of this. *decides to eat quickly so i can cabut haha, but haiya, u all know that my pace of eating is never quick so how to escape, plus one of them, Kelvin, kept putting food on my plate “mardy, eat eat! not enuff.. must eat some more.. we save a lot of food for you..”*)

*Halfway through my meal*

Winda: Mardy u want to play?

Me: Ah.. no la i think i just watch u guys play

Then before I could explain, this one caught me by surprise!

Jikson my chinese classmate from Brunei: No she cannot play this game, coz got laws she have to follow…

Me: Ah ya ya ya correct correct *heyyy jiks that’s pretty impressive*

Other classmates: Oh isit? What law?

Jikson: Got, got, *then speaks in chinese to the rest of them to explain*

Them: Oooo ok ok. *still dun really understand looking at their faces heh*

Kim: Mardy then what game u can play?

Me: Anything ah except for something like this, but it’s ok la, i makan and watch u all play. i don’t mind =)

*A while later*

Myo my classmate from Myanmar: Mardy why u cannot play? U cannot play cards isit?

*Other classmates all turn to look at me*

Me: (thinking of how to explain things in a simple manner) No, not the cards.. I’m a Muslim, then in Islam right, all this hug-hug (between opp genders), lick-lick all cannot la..

Jikson: I know i know what it’s called! It’s called maksiat right?

Me: Yup yup that’s why cannot… (and haram too! but as long as they get the crux of it, that’s good enough for now)

Jikson: I know one, because im from Brunei mah…

Them: Oooo ok ok icic…

Myo: Oh sorry2 mardy, I didn’t know.

Me: It’s ok *flashes a big wide smile*

Keith: Crazy right they all?

Me: Yeah, but my crazy got limits. =)

Keith: It’s ok to have limits. Nothing wrong with that =)

Me: Yup true true..

Small voice in my head: I can be very “on” but I would rather bungee jump than lick someone’s (especially a non-muhrim) neck

What an interesting month it’s been indeed.

And there’s my first 2009 dakwah to the non-Muslims, Alhamdulillah :)


8 responses to “Faith in our daily lives

  1. Md Hilwan

    lol. I would rather bungee jump then… hahaha! That was funny.

    We sometimes are capable of doing this little2 form of da’awah to our non-Muslim friends. Anyway nice share :)

    Even for my non-Muslim friends, now they know that I can’t shake hand with a person of the opposite gender, they end up the ones who explained to others why I can’t shake hands with so-and-so.. lol

    They ask alot of questions too! “Why halal meat is halal? Whats in the black box (Ka’bah) ? Why cannot touch dogs? Why some girls wear tudung and why some don’t?” bla bla bla…

  2. simplymardy

    it’s nice when they are the ones who start explaining to the rest and all we have to do is sit back, listen and correct them (if they miss out anything or give wrong info). so it doesn’t seem like we are fibbing or trying to avoid playing the game or anything…

    in a way it’s good that i’m the only malay-muslim so they don’t compare me with other malay-muslim classmates, if any. like back in poly some will ask, “why u wear tudung & XYZ don’t wear?” alhamdulillah my current classmates have been considerate & somewhat understanding (despite their craziness and all) and i love them for that. =)

  3. heyhaidar

    omg your classmate’s name is myo??

    haha my bf’s name is myo too! and yeah i admire your courage. =)

  4. simplymardy

    hey thanks babe. :)

    i think once u explain to them why, then they’ll know why u stand by ur beliefs. and haha haidar i think myo is a common myanmar name, no? like muhd is to malay-muslim…

  5. Marl-NI

    Reminds me of a recent incident at my office when my supervisor bought for me and my friend a cake during our farewell party. The cake wasn’t halal, but instead of refusing the cake and explaining why, I took it and put aside and ran out after everyone finished their cakes to give a friend from another office. Missed the chance to da’awah! Ade hikmah kott, maybe if I explained, things would be worst off perhaps… Oh well

  6. simplymardy

    aiseh bedah marly! hehe… takpela, mula2 gitu… nanti ok jugak insyaAllah. nak dakwah takes time & our knowledge – takut takut tersalah dakwah pulak kat diorang if our own knowledge in Islam is not right.

    next time u know what to do! :)

  7. boo

    hehe.. yeah.. being with non-muslims makes you love Islam even more. i even had my non-muslims friends reminding me, “Ehhh.. now your prayer time right?” and how they patiently wait for us. *touch-ed*

  8. simplymardy

    yah true2.. once my chinese non-muslim classmate watched me solat coz she was curious when i told her i was going to pray first before going home (it was after class already) then we had a lil Q & A session – she asked me macam2 – and she waited for me to finish solat. altho i admit i felt a lil self-conscious with sum1 watching me pray but put that aside coz she wanted to learn. at the same touched coz she didn’t mind waiting for me =)

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