some things never change

Jam's 22nd

Jam's 22nd

like hanah’s infectious-sure-can-recognise-from-far-very-unique laughter

like nadia’s non-stop chattiness

like aisyah’s sharp to the core jokes (and the need to always sabo the bday girl =P)

like jam’s bubbly enthusiasm

(and according to aisyah),

like my must-arrange-my-food-on-my-plate *rotflol*

i guess some things will never change. ;)


2 responses to “some things never change

  1. Jamie sweet!! Yeah some things never change as we grow.. n i love it! Sorry, pix not up yet. haven’t got the time to upload. hang on kay? =))

  2. simplymardy

    no prob! syah sent like so many parts laaaa. haha. :D

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