3 days

That’s the number of days I’ve classes this week. And I end on Wednesday! So my first school week is officially over! But not unofficially lah.. Ive gotta drop by to borrow a library book (and when I mean drop by, it means travelling an hour all the way to clementi with 2 buses with my best buddies – the mp3 & a book)

Verdict: poly was so main-main, uni is so don’t play play. Like a friend said, “sebab tu u-ni-ver-si-ty, kalau tak it’s u-ne-ver-stu-dy..” and teringat taufik nye blog entry, “poly tak attend lecture, baca notes je bleh paham. but ni attend lecture baca notes pun tak paham-paham,” LOL! but it’s true! gah!

 The amount of reading I’ve to do! Omg.. And i’ve gotta brush up on my critical thinking skills, think i’m quite lacking on that area hmm. Even the rmit lecturer mentioned that compared to aus-rmit students, sg students lack on that. plus ive gotta be so much more independent than in poly. heh.

Oh well, I’m not complaining. (I am just blogging. :D) It feels good to be back in school in a time like this. =)


Met up with these 2 sim babes on my second day coz we happened to have the same class timing only for that particular day. But i must say tho, it felt kinda weird at first (even dy admitted that) to be back in the same school as them since secondary school! i know we meet pretty often but still, i’ve always been the only nyp-ian out of them tp-ians. now i’m in sim with them. which is nice coz we had dinner at megabites express (the chicken chop set serving is super huge and too much for me but worth every penny of $4.50 = chicken chop + butter rice + fries + mash potato + chicken soup).

unbelievably, it was actually dy & syah’s first meal together there after being in sim for 1 year plus (!) coz their timetables never allowed for them to meet – and ive only been in school for 2 days and i get to eat with them there yey! sounds silly rite to be so excited but it’s like a blessing laaa heee & i feel so special. ;)


so since ive no classes today, went climbing with wanis at ca. have not climbed since last 2 months! wanna balance study & play & work insyaAllah. then met up with hazwani and headed over to Marina Barrage, finally. the place is awesome i looooove it so much. us starving people had our mac meals there on the grass field while enjoying the very strong wind blowing our tudungs. but who cares, when ure happy sha-la-la with ur girlfriends appearance is like second matter altogether. =P


P.S: Huda, Climb Asia just started selling Buff! Want to go there and climb buy? :D

Btw people, I am very sorry to inform you guys that I have, idiotically, unfortunately, dropped my sony ericsson w670i INTO THE TOILET BOWL. using my old beaten-up phone now. so if i ask u “sorry, may i know who are u?” please don’t be offended. ur numbers have apparently unfortunately simply been flushed away as well.


3 responses to “3 days

  1. Huda Lee

    Toilet bowl!! Hehe…poor you.

    Be it climbing, hiking, mountain-biking, buff-ing, I am for it! Make it sunday though. Haha!

    Oh, and my registration for sundown marathon. =P

  2. Huda Lee

    School starts for you and mine is gonna end soon in 3 weeks time. Enjoy it while I can.

  3. simplymardy

    waaa! so fast! makes it sound like my poly years were donkey years ago lei… haha. yup2 enjoy it while u can! =)

    sunday. okies dokies noted.

    oh ya here’s the link to hivelocity’s office:

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